The Mid Richmond Education Fund  application process is an important step in the applicants move from school to further education, training or employment.  The Fund expects the applicant to provide all the information required when applying for assistance. Applicants are encouraged to complete the application form themselves and parents will not be allowed to attend the interview process.

Advertisements will be placed in local papers and school newsletters calling for applications. Applications will be called for towards the end of the year and apply to the following year study or training period. No  applications will be considered outside of this period.

Applicants must live or attend school within the Mid Richmond Education Fund region. Applicants must be Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents.


The interview panel members will be selected from the EDUCATION FUND’s committee, the local business community and the local education community.

The criteria the interview panel  will be looking for are.

  • applicants must have a realistic goal
  • have shown commitment to achieving their goals in the past and
  • are in need of financial assistance to achieve their goals.

The FUND will encourage applicants during the process, acknowledging for many it will be their first interview.

Applicants will be gauged on their ability to achieve their future goals with the assistance of the MID RICHMOND EDUCATION FUND rather than relying on previous high academic performance.

The successful applicants will be expected to attend a presentation evening where grants are publicly announced.